Synthesis essay: let’s handle it

A synthesis essay is what puzzles many learners who alreadyconsider themselves true professionals after severalargumentative essays or other types of academic papers. You’vebeen also assigned this paper, but that’s not what you’re alreadyfamiliar with. Well, the name sounds a bit intimidating, but justtake it easy, as we’re going to walk you through all the stagesof synthesis essay writing.

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Synthesis paper: what is it?

Before we proceed with generating ideas and writing, it would beuseful to give a definition of this type of essay. Perhaps, itseems to you that a synthesis paper has much common with anargumentative one. However, there’s one major difference. In thiscase an advisor provides all the necessary sources, so learnerscould substantiate their argument. You might find it much easierthan argumentative writing, but, indeed, it requires a differentkind of thinking. The very essence of a synthesis paper is topresent a strong view and identify the relationship between thesources provided.

You shouldn’t fall into a trap of merely summarizing the sourcesyou obtained from your advisor. Instead, you’re expected to makeyour point and have it supported with the evidence discovered inthe sources.

By the way, many of the sources provided will most likely offerinformation, which backs both sides of the argument. So, it’scrucial to read them attentively and place them in theperspective of your argument.

If there’s information going against your key points, youshouldn’t ignore it. Just have it acknowledged. You requiredemonstrating the very strength of your argument.

Topics for your synthesis paper

An ideal topic for your synthesis paper is one encouraging you topick up a position on a debatable theme. Topics for synthesispapers shouldn’t be something which is general knowledge. Forinstance, it makes no sense to write that vegetables are good forour body, as many folks would agree with this worn-out statementand there’re a lot of sources backing it.

Bad synthesis themes are available in a variety of forms. Veryoften such topics aren’t clear enough. They often appear to beextremely broad. Here are several examples of bad synthesistopics:

  • Write about education
  • Write about gender
  • Write about obesity

As you see, they’re so broad. Reiterating stereotypes – that’swhat they call for. Now you are aware of how a typical badsynthesis theme looks like. It’s time to shift to good topics.

Most good synthesis topics are built around social issues. With avast gray area and everlasting general debate on those issues,one can hardly find better topics for synthesis writing. Have alook at typical examples of good synthesis topics:

  • Should little kids be permitted to have handsets?
  • Do kids benefit more from public school or homeschooling?
  • Computer games promote violence, don’t they?
  • The death penalty is capable of deterring crime, isn’t it?

Of course, it’s not the whole list of worthy topics for this typeof essay. When searching for a theme for this writing get readyto roll out a firm position for one side or another. Avoidstraddling as it will make your synthesis paper look weak.

Writing a good synthesis paper: read your sources

Well, you’ve got an idea of what themes can potentially suit you.Now it’s time to shift to writing itself. Fortunately, it’s notdifficult at all, you only require following the stepsillustrated here below.

Even if you already have a firm position on a particular subject,you ought to get familiar with the sources provided. You need tosearch for common information there to make connections in yourmind.

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Decide on a position

Having worked through the sources provided, you require decidingon a position. You don’t need to fanatically believe that yourposition is true, but you should be capable of backing yourargument. Once you choose a particular position, firmly stickwith it. Get down to strengthening your argument.

Write a catchy thesis statement

Well, you’ve just decided on a position, and it’s time to have itexpressed in your thesis statement. Of course, it’s critical asyou’ll be supporting the thesis statement throughout yoursynthesis paper.

Make a solid outline

With a ready-made argument at hand you can shift to anothercrucial stage – making an outline. Everything in this worldrequires strict organization, and your synthetic paper isn’t anexception. Without an outline you can’t make your writingorganized and coherent.

When working on your outline, place the thesis statement at thetop. After this you should have each of your sub-argumentslisted. You require listing your support under everysub-argument.

Utilize your sources wisely

When considering how to employ your sources to back yourargument, you need to keep in mind the following nuances:

Stay away from summarizing your sources. Instead, you requireanalyzing them.

You shouldn’t have your paragraphs structured around the sources.The matter is that utilizing one source per paragraph might seemlike the most logical way to have things done. However, itincreases the risk of summarizing, while you’re expected to drawrelationships between your sources. Instead, your paragraphs needto be structured around the argument. Formulating various pointsof the argument is highly welcome. To back your argument, utilizeseveral sources per paragraph.

Get down to writing

The hard work is over. With a solid outline all you need to do isto merely fill in the information, simultaneously making it soundwell. The outline will enable you to conveniently keep expressingyour thoughts. When writing, keep the thesis statement in mindjust to grant your paper with a clear sense of direction.

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